Training overview

Bowtech – The Original Bowen Technique – is taught in seven modules covered in four 4-day seminars, each 32 classroom hours long. Training in the modules must be sequential, as  each is based on previously taught material. Training lasts one academic year with 2 to 3 months between seminars. This time allows for thorough practice before the next module is taught and ensures plenty of time to complete the 10 case studies needed for completing the 7th module and proceeding to assessment.

Having passed the practical and written assessments practitioners are eligible for the practitioner’s diploma issued by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA). Accreditation as a practitioner also requires submitting proof of a recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (80 – 120 hours in most countries) and a current First Aid and/or CPR certificate.

Furthermore, optional advanced courses are available.

For detailed course outlines please go to Curriculum.

Each country charges a standard fee per seminar. The content of each module is standard in every country where BTAA-accredited instructors teach. This means that you can travel and study with any combination of BTAA-accredited instructors and be assured that you will have learned the same procedures as all of your classmates, regardless of their previous instructors.

Every seminar includes:

  • demonstration of each procedure, with detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks
  • explanation and discussion of the procedures and indications for their use
  • detailed notes, with photographs and anatomical diagrams
  • extensive supervised hands-on practice, with feedback from the instructor
  • ample review of procedures taught in previous modules
  • practical and written assessments, with individual feedback